The Lions’ Pride at Pack 62 is a group of Kindergarten aged Scouts

Are Lion Cubs members of the BSA?  At the present time, participants in the Lions’ Pride are not official members of the Boy Scouts of America.  This is a social group aligned with Cub Scout Pack 62 in an effort to grow interest in Scouting’s ideals prior to the official Tiger (1st grade) year.

How does insurance work?  Presently, all parents are responsible for their own insurance coverage at any Lions’ Pride events.

Can girls join or siblings participate?  The lions Pride program is dedicated to the Lion Cub and his adult partner.  Participation of siblings is discouraged/not permitted. 

Curriculum...we loosely follow a proglram currently being tested in the Minneapolis area.  If and when the program becomes formally accepted by the BSA and the Longs Peak Council, it is Pack 62’s intention to actively participate in this program.

Why are we running this program

HOW DOES THIS PROGRAM DIFFER FROM CURRENT CUB SCOUT PROGRAMS?  The Erie Pack 62 Lions’ Pride is a chance for Kindergarten boys to feel a part of the Pack 62 community and gives parents a small taste of what Scouting at Pack 62 is all about.  The boys participate in fun Scout-focused activities while developing an additional layer of friendship outside of school and their neighborhood base.

IS THERE A LION CUB APPLICATION FORM?  Lion Cubs and their adult partner complete the Pack 62 Lions’ Pride sign up form. 





Adult partners are required to accompany and are responsible for the behavior of their Lion Cub.

For new Scouts (and those updating their uniforms), check out the Uniform Requirements page.

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