Our Scouts did an outstanding job.

Congratulations Zachary Y.


A new Pack 62 sales record!

Pack 62 holds the Longs Peak Council record for popcorn sales at $51,029!

Pack 62 is self-supporting and committed to keeping the cost of Scouting reasonable for all families. Several years ago, that meant holding multiple fundraisers, which in our opinion distracted from the aims of the Scouting program. The committee decided to focus on a single fundraiser and do it so well that others were not necessary. Every fall, we participate in Scouting’s primary fundraiser (selling Trail’s End popcorn).

We encourage all Scouts to participate in this effort. Not only is it an excellent tool for teaching our Scouts about talking to people, our commission from this sale provides the funds necessary to run the Pack. Expenses covered by the Pack include purchasing awards, patches and pins, Pinewood Derby kits, Blue & Gold supplies, Scout photos, training aides for adult leaders, meeting venues, graduation gifts and countless other supplies. If sales are sufficient (and they have been) to meet those needs, additional fund-raising activities can be eliminated.

Thank you to those that have participated and support Pack 62 through buying, selling or encouraging either.

During the 2014-15 Scouting year, the Pack paid for the following events:

New Pack t-shirts were handed out to every Scout and adult leader.

Raingutter Regatta - the Pack pays for the materials for the boat kits, patches and awards.

Holiday Banquet - the Pack purchases pizza and paper products and pays for the venue

Ice Skating Pizza Party - the Pack picks up the cost of all pizza and drinks at this event

Pinewood Derby - the Pack picks up the costs of facilities, patches, awards and Pinewood Derby kits.

Annual Dues - the Pack charges $40/year to be a member (the lowest in the area); this includes membership in BSA and a subscription to Boys Life

Monster Truck Rally - the Pack discounted every Scout’s ticket by $10.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo - the cost of a Scout’s attendance at this lock-in event were reduced by $20.

Graduation Picnic - the Pack provides the picnic lunch and graduation gifts for each Scout

With your help, we can keep the cost of Scouting to a minimum while increasing the value our Scouts receive. We thank you for your support!


A proud tradition of funding our Pack!

2015 - $36,268 (4th in LPC; 1st in Indian Peaks District)

2014 - $32,089 (5th in LPC, 1st in Indian Peaks District)

2013 - $37,361 (2nd in LPC; 1st in Indian Peaks District)

2012 - $31,319 (2nd in LPC; 1st in Indian Peaks District)

2011 - $44,133 (1st in Longs Peak Council)

2010 - $51,029 (Longs Peak Council Record)

2009 - $39,718 (Longs Peak Council Record)

2008 - $30,450 (2nd in LPC; 2nd in Arapahoe District)

2007 - $21,060 (7th in LPC; 4th in Arapahoe District)

2006 - $12,634

2005 - $13,599

2004 - $12,647

2003 - $9,228


Distribution Day is Saturday, November 14.

 Den Leaders will be picking up popcorn before noon. 

Scouts should check with their Den Leader for details on getting the popcorn from them.

For new Scouts (and those updating their uniforms), check out the Uniform Requirements page.